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Q: How can I cancel pathology services and obtain a refund from the company?

To cancel pathology services and request a refund from Healthily Fitness, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Act quickly: It is important to initiate the cancellation process within 30 minutes of booking the blood test with Healthily Fitness’s pathology services.
  2. Contact support: Visit Healthily Fitness’s website at [] and navigate to the “Contact Support” section. Alternatively, if you have a mobile application for their services, look for the option to contact support within the app.
  3. Raise a ticket: When contacting support, clearly explain your request, stating that you would like to cancel the booking and request a refund. Provide all the necessary details, including your name, contact information, and the specific blood test that was booked.
  4. Time is crucial: Keep in mind that according to Healthily Fitness’s policy, if a ticket is not raised within 30 minutes of the blood test booking, they will not be liable to cancel the booking or refund the charges. Therefore, it is essential to act promptly.
  5. Follow instructions: Once you have contacted support and raised a ticket, follow any instructions provided by Healthily Fitness. They may require additional information or documentation to process your cancellation and refund.
11June 2023

Healthily Fitness: Your Ultimate Health Companion for Tracking, Consulting, and Thriving

Healthily fitness app is a comprehensive mobile application designed to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking various health-related parameters and providing access to healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the key features of the Healthily fitness mobile application:

ABDM integration : ABDM integration allows users to securely store and access their digital health records, eliminating the need for physical documents. Booking appointments with healthcare providers becomes effortless, with real-time availability information at your fingertips

Steps Tracking: Healthily fitness app allows users to track their daily steps and set daily step goals to help them stay active and healthy.

Pathology Services : Healthily Fitness app goes the extra mile to ensure your comprehensive healthcare experience. Through our partnership with top laboratories, we offer convenient pathology services within the app. Whether you need blood tests, diagnostic screenings, or specialized investigations, Healthily Fitness connects you to reliable and accredited laboratories.

Water Intake Tracking: The application also allows users to track their daily water intake and reminds them to drink enough water throughout the day.

Calorie Intake Tracking: Healthily fitness app provides users with a food diary to track their daily calorie intake and ensure they are consuming a balanced diet.

Sleep Tracking: The application also helps users track their sleep patterns and provides insights on how to improve the quality and duration of their sleep.

Health vital monitoring : Healthily fitness app allows users not only to track but also monitor their Sleep, Heart Rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which can be helpful for those with insomnia, diabetes, hypertension and other health issues.

Consultations with Doctors and Dieticians: Healthily fitness app provides users with access to healthcare professionals from multiple disciplines, including doctors ( Allopathy, ayurveda, unani, sidha, naturopathy ) who can monitor your health progress after you book an appointment and dieticians, for personalized consultations and advice.

Step Competitions: The application also allows users to participate in step competitions with friends and family to help them stay motivated and engaged.

Health Blogs: Healthily offers a variety of health-related blogs and articles to help users stay informed about the latest trends in healthcare.

Yoga Classes: The application also provides users with access to yoga classes to help them stay fit and healthy.Blood Investigation Booking: Healthily also allows users to book appointments for blood investigations and get their results online.

E-commerce: Healthily also offers an e-commerce platform to purchase health-related products.Cryptocurrency: The application also allows users to pay for services using cryptocurrency.

And more features you can explore

In conclusion, Healthily fitness is a comprehensive mobile application that provides users with a wide range of features to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. From tracking steps and water intake to monitoring health progress, providing access to healthcare professionals and offering yoga classes, Healthily fitness has something for everyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing.


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